The Riel Trail Story

Riel Trail Management was founded in 2015 by CEO & President Gaetan Blouin. Gaetan founded Blouin Financial Group Ltd. in 2005. Career highlights include being the youngest recipient of Manulife Financial's prestigious 1st Star on its Master Builder Recognition Program as well as Top Advisor in 2012 for the largest Exempt Market Dealer in Western Canada.

His most recent accomplishment was the structuring and management of a 12,000 square foot, 6-bay office condominium development in Saskatoon, with a return of 85% over 2 ½ years. Gaetan has a keen sense of when to act upon an opportunity and seeing the need for a commercial retail building supply centre for the rural area south of Saskatoon, Riel Trail Building Supplies was born. With the support of a multi-talented team, drawing from expertise in the financial world, manufacturing, construction and over a decade of retail and wholesale experience, Riel Trail Building Supplies has the perfect mix of hands on people to create an effective and cohesive team.

Erin brings 14 years of experience in the manufacturing world and her qualifications range from an entry level position to working side by side with management. Whether it be shipping/receiving, accounting, purchasing or human resources, Erin is up to any role she's asked to play. 

Todd is a recent recipient of the 2012 Queen's Diamond Jubilee Medal after a very successful 20 year career of Coaching Track & Field and Bobsleigh. Known professionally for great instincts and detailed planning, he brought his ability to achieve success to the financial world. By bringing the same best practices to the Sales & Management team, Todd aims to help Riel Trail Building Supplies set the goals, determine the best course of action required, take the steps and achieve success.

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